What our customers say about PaperDynamix®

Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt

»The airplane inspectors just fill out the form with a digital pen, and the data is instantly transferred to headquarters. They can also inform other posts that the inspection is complete – simply by checking a box. That’s what we call real productivity gains!«

Christian Hegner | Vice Director | Swiss Federal Office for Aviation (BAZL)

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Dehner Agrar

»PaperDynamix® has advantages for our customers, employees and the company as a whole – a win-win-win situation!«

Michael Oswald | Division Manager Organization | Dehner GmbH & Co.KG

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Deutsche Annington - Schön, hier zu wohnen.

»With PaperDynamix®, we can create all entries and processes that we need in real time, integrate them in our SAP system, and trigger downstream processes.«

Jens Karff | Operation Management Infrastructure |
Deutsche Annington Informationssysteme GmbH

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»It used to take us 3 days to process 500 tradeshow forms. With PaperDynamix®, we now only need 3 hours.«

Mario Gerber | Marketing Manager | HAVER & BOECKER OHG

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Messe Frankfurt GmbH

»We think in terms of the future and have set new trends with PaperDynamix®. In this regard, we are a pioneer for the entire tradeshow sector.«

Thomas Martin Rölz | Administration Technology Specialist |
Messe Frankfurt GmbH

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OBJEKTuS GmbH Rauchmelder sind unser Leben

»PaperDynamix® has helped us manage our strong growth with a relatively constant number of back-office employees. That gives us a clear competitive advantage.«

Willibald Behr| Service Director | Deutschland Objektus

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Thermomess Wärmemessdienst AG

»We have met our company’s targets due, in part, to the great support from PaperDynamix®

Jörg Wölker | Service Center Director Chemnitz |
Thermomess Wärmedienst AG

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»Using PaperDynamix® has advantages for our customers, employees and the company as a whole – the benchmark in our international group!«

Nicole Grimm | Business Unit Manager | PRO-DUO Deutschland GmbH

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